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Create your design

Livemotion allow you to create your own graphic elements, to make your broadcast beautiful, pro and attrative. 

Prepare your elements before starting your live and avoid further editing and re-upload!


Add it to your Broadcast

Add your graphic elements wherever you want in your broadcast view and timeline. Organize & sequence your Live on social media, keep the attention of your viewers until the end!

Prefer spontaneity? You can also add your elements dynamically in live, without any preparation!


Empower your Live Stream on Social Medias

We work in multiple social medias Channels. Stream at the same time on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, Youtube, and chat with your viewers. The best way to engage your community!


Customization Focused

Users are free to custom and brand their videos, creating their own graphic elements

User Friendly

Our beautiful interface allows users to create complexe design for their videos, in a very easy way

Users can make Money

Marketplace allows creative users to create and share their own Template, and get pay for that

Powerful Community Engagement

Live chat connected to all social networks allows users to engage easily theirs fans during their live. Videos with a great design engage also more people

Multi Channels

Broadcasting is available on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, Youtube at the same time

Look Pro

Preparing design elements before starting the live, allow users to share beautiful sequenced and visually attractive stream videos


Make your Live Stream




We are a team of engineers and developers, who have been working together for years.
Our entrepreneurial history begins in 2017, when we created our first business in the field of e-commerce. This experience taught us a lot about the issues and users needs in terms of software solutions.


We have done many live streams on social networks, to promote our products or services. But, each time, we were tired of not being able to bring our graphic touch and our brand image to the videos. This was possible only by downloading the video, editing it for long hours, and finally, putting it back online. That's why we have developed LiveMotion. With Livemotion, we allow to edit in a few minutes, your videos before going Live on social networks. And all this without limit of design, and on several channels at the same time!


Livemotion is an innovative and collaborative plateform, where anyone can create content, share it, and sell it

We have long worked in the field of artificial intelligence and Blockchain. Also, we strongly believe in these technologies of the future. That's why we decided to integrate IA & Blockcahin as a service, to offer you a secure experience, and based on recommendations tailored to your desires.





Thibaut Billerot

CEO, Co-founder

Serial entrepreneur, and engineer, he leads Livemotion vision, design and marketing strategy 

Nassim Cheaib

COO, Co-founder

Very experienced and skilled in Big Data project management, he leads Livemotion techninal development, and financial ressources

Kevin Barré


Data Engineer, specialized in Data Management and Artificial Intelligence, he leads the backend development

Dr. Ali Masri

AI Leader

Machine Learning and Deep Learning PHD, he developed a lot of projects in the domain of AI. He works on Livemotion AI as a service for user profiling

Geoffroy Vincent

Frontend Developer

Skilled and experienced in Web & Mobile App frontend development, he build the Livemotion visual interface



34 Avenue des Champs Elysées
75008, Paris, France



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